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Robocoenosis to Public

  • Biohybrid robotics for continuous monitoring. pre-COP26 - All4Climate Italy 2021 - Workshop "Integrating Robotics and Ecology to Preserve Ecosystems". May 2021, Pisa

  • Biohybrid Entities for Environmental Monitoring. Special Session and Extension Workshop “Complexity Alife: Socializing and Eco-Integrating Robots with Living Organisms”. Artificial Life (ALIFE) 2021 International Conference. July 2021, Virtual.

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  • Uni-Graz forscht an neuer Robotertechnologie. December 2021. (link)

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  • Daphnia as a sensor for underwater monitoring systems. Conference: SIL - Austrian Limnological Association. September 2022, Illmitz.

  • Biohybrids for environmental monitoring. Conference: SIL - Austrian Limnological Association. September 2022, Illmitz.

  • Organisms as living sensors for autonomous underwater setups. IEEE IROS 2022. October 2022, Kyoto.

  • Biohybrid entities for environmental monitoring. IEEE IROS 2022. October 2022, Kyoto.

  • Le nuove frontiere della biorobotica sottomarina. 9a Festa della Robotica 2023. January 2023, Pisa.

  • Wasserflöhe und Muscheln als Qualitätssensoren für heimische Seen. DerStandard: Wissenschaft. April 2023. (link)

  • Bioinspired robotics for environmental monitoring. International Robotics Festival. May 2023, Pisa

  • Automated image-based analysis unveils acute effects due to sub-lethal pesticide doses exposure. Conference: 45th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. July 2023, Sydney.

  • Daphnia as a sensor for biohybrid monitoring systems. ALIFE 2023: Ghost in the Machine. July 2023, Sapporo.

  • La revolución biohíbrida: cómo aliarnos con los seres vivos mejorará la tecnología. ElDiario. September 2023. (link)

  • Living organisms as sensors for biohybrid monitoring systems. Living Machines 2023. September 2023, Kassel.

  • Developing a biohybrid entity for aquatic environment observations. Living Machines 2023. September 2023, Kassel.

  • "Robocoenosis Internationale Forschung am Millstättersee". Bundesforste-Altweibersommer. October 2023, Millstatt.

  • Bioinspired Engineering, Soft Robotics and Bio-hybrid Technologies as new Frontiers in Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Management. Conference: 2023 IEEE International Worskhop on Metrology for Agriculture and Forestry. November 2023, Pisa.

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